Faerie Dragon

Most Element:



Temperate, tropical, and Subtropical forests


Very rare

Most Color


Faerie Dragons are a very rare breed of dragon. The faerie dragon lives in peaceful, tangled forests and thrives on pranks, mischief, and practical jokes. They are related to the dragonet.


Faerie dragons resemble miniature dragons with thin bodies, long, prehensile tails, gossamer butterfly wings, and huge smiles. The hides of females have a golden tinge that sparkles in the sunlight; males have a silver tinge. All faerie dragons can communicate telepathically with one another at a distance of up to 2 miles. They speak their own language mostly, along with the language of sprites, pixies, elves, and the birds and animals in their area.


Faerie dragons can become invisible at will, and can attack, use spells, and employ breath weapons while invisible.


Faerie dragons make their lairs in the hollows of high trees, preferably near a pond or stream, because they are quite fond of swimming and diving. They often live in the company of a group of pixies or sprites. Faerie dragons take advantage of every opportunity to wreak mischief on passers-by, frequently using forest creatures to help them in their pranks. Though many of these pranks are spontaneous, months of preparation can go into a single, spectacular practical joke. A tell-tale giggle, which sounds like the tinkling of tiny silver bells, often alerts potential victims to the presence of invisible faerie dragons.

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