A typical wyvern.
Vital statistics
Most Element Fire
Habitat Rocky crags or in a land of sand dunes or grass.
Frequency Uncommon
Most Color Muddy brown to lime green.

The Wyvern is an uncommon dragon breed that usually flies over mountains.


Unlike most other dragons, the wyvern has only two legs. However, being the largest form of dragon, it finds these perfectly sufficient for carrying off its elephant prey.


A wyvern can use its teeth, claws, lashing tail, and breath power to fight its enemies.


Wyverns usually live in rocky crags, or occasionally a circular nest in an area of sand dunes or grass.

Types of WyvernsEdit

Platinum DragonEdit

The Platinum Dragon is a rare type of wyvern. They have thick scales that feel and look like platinum, this is where their name came from.

Known WyvernsEdit